Frequently Asked Questions

What will you be doing in Buenos Aires and where will you be staying?

I will be taking a full course load at several Argentinian universities and plan to study international economics, Latin American cinema, and some Spanish literature classes. I will be doing this through the CIEE sponsored Buenos Aires Liberal Arts program and will not be registering for classes until I arrive! Due to the fact that I am doing a home stay and that my classes will be held at a variety of universities, my commute to class and between classes may range from 30-60 minutes so that will influence which classes I register for. Additionally, I will not know where I am going to be living until I arrive. Yeah, no kidding. Despite this level of uncertainty, I am incredibly excited to be doing a homestay with the understanding that that is where my language development, cultural immersion, and delicious meals will primarily come from. Obviously, one rolls the dice when registering for a home stay program, but I personally am optimistic about this opportunity.


What will you do while you’re not in class?

While in Argentina I plan to roam the various neighborhoods, drinking strong coffee and doing some people-watching (as I am wont to do in any foreign country I visit) and eating my weight in Argentine beef. I am also currently looking into tango classes! As a lifelong dancer, I am hoping to expand my horizons to this previously untried area of dance, and what better place to start then the capital of Argentina.

I plan to travel around the country and continent quite a bit as well. Two trips that I am fairly determined to take are a weeklong backpacking trip through the Patagonia mountains and an 11-day cruise to Antarctica. I also plan to take a weekend trip to Uruguay and hope to make it out to see the famous Iguazú Falls. I will not likely have the time (or the funds) to achieve this all, so I will be planning accordingly.


What will the weather be like? What’s the time difference?

It will be wintertime when I arrive (July 22) but will transition into a warm spring soon thereafter. It should be noted that “winter” in Argentina means days of about 50-60 degrees, so I look forward to better and more predictable weather there than in Washington, D.C.  The time difference is one ahead of my family in NY and my friends in D.C.!


How good is your Spanish?

Pretty good but rusty from a summer’s lack of use.


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