Detailed Archives

A self-compiled archive of all of my posts and a brief description of them. The bolded are those I feel most strongly about.


Am I Nervous? – Expressing the types of anxiety I felt before going to to “the motherland” for the first time.

Pack Dat Ass Up – My packing struggles, trying to figure out what I’ll need for 2 months in humid monsoon season.

I Made You Some Pies – Some non-serious pie charts I made to describe how I was feeling about leaving for Korea that day.

First Impressions – My take of Seoul after my first few days and some adventuring with my mom.

Seoul At-A-Glance – An overview of the city from my vantage point and how this trip differs from other trips my family and I have taken

Speaking Korean (or… not) – My answer to the question “do you speak Korean?” (note: this answer has changed now)

The Herd Mentality – Some shortcomings of the saying “the more the merrier”

Room Tour – A video tour of my single in SK Global House

How Stuff Works in Korea: Restaurants – A few tips and tricks to navigating Korean restaurants

Where Are You From? And Other Musings – Some snarky anecdotes centering around the question “where are you from”

14 Small Differences Between Korea and the US – A Buzzfeed style post noting some differences between KOR and USA

My Dream Korean Menu – Descriptions and pictures of some of my favorite Korean foods

대한민국! – The North Korea vs South Korea soccer game

역사를 잊은 민족에게 미래는 없다 – My interesting experience at the South Korea vs Japan soccer match where historical tensions ran high

“We should go sometime!” and Other Sad Facts – My realizations regarding my impending departure.

Assisting, Chanting, Sweating, and Laughing – When we helped a girl lying on the sidewalk choking on her own vomit

#YOYO – A Buzzfeed style post outlining some very uniquely Yonsei University things

Goodbye, Seoul – Reflections as I leave the city

Striking a Balance: Lessons Learned in Seoul – My take on how my identity as a Korean-American changed after my trip to Seoul.



Why Punctuality Matters – My thoughts on why being on time has little to do with actually being on time.

#BAGU – One of the most difficult things I’ve ever tried to put into words: how I feel I have been treated as an Asian woman in the hookup culture of college



Another Side of the Language Barrier – My problems with the Spanish language barrier I’ll face in Buenos Aires have little to do with general communication.



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