Uniquely Korean



You only Yonsei once.

Yonsei has been my home for the past 5 weeks and there are so many things about life here that I’m going to miss.

Only at Yonsei do you…

…go to the 24-hour GS 25 in SK Global at 4am to get banana milk, assorted Korean crackers/cookies, and aloe juice.

…stay up until 5:30am with you friend who lives in Muak until they can actually get back into their room.

…stalk the Ellui and Eden Facebook pages from Sunday-Thursday looking for free entry coupons for the upcoming weekend so that you don’t have to pay.

…convince yourself that you can do work in the SK Global lobby when you know it’ll just be filled with loudly echoing conversations. 

…know the locations of at least 5 different 노래방s (karaoke), whether or not you’ve actually been to one.

…think that 19,000 won “isn’t that bad” for 3,000cc of Cass.

…know that the UC kids get to do way more fun stuff than the rest of us.

…have a favorite 24-hour convenience store.


…meet up at “the red tube” and “SK” more than anywhere else.

…weigh the costs and benefits of walking up 6 flights of stairs in KLI to be on time for Korean class or take the elevator and be late.

…avoid the metal grates in the shortcut to Baekyang at all costs while it’s raining.

…scramble for WiFi whenever you can so you can check your Kakao.

…get super excited when the sky is actually blue and not smoggy grey.

and then remember that the sunshine just can’t last because it’s monsoon season.

…refuse to set foot on the opposite gender’s floor in the dorms for fear of immediate eviction.

…have the smell of cigarette smoke cling to your bag, hair, and clothes for days after going to a bar or club because it’s legal to be an indoor chimney in Korea.

…know that the 7737 will get you to Hongdae faster than Line 2 if you’re coming from the dorms. Gotta love bus lanes.

…ensure that you always have one Korean speaker per taxi when you go anywhere. When there’s a shortage it looks a little something like this:

…cherish the amazingness of AirCon more than you ever have before.

*Catchy music we all have sung at one point* “This stop is Sinchon. Sinchon. The doors are on your right.” (Added August 5)

…make instant connections with people you’ve only known for a few weeks.

…dread August 11th. But you know what?


(The 14 Small Differences Between Korea and the US)


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