Pack Dat Ass Up

packing woes

Do you know what’s always daunting?


Especially when it’s for a two-month trip somewhere you’ve never been.

The weather in Korea is hot and humid and monsoon season will hit while I’m there, so packing is going to be a chore. Plus I’ll need some extra space to accommodate all of the clothing, weird Asian trinkets, and gifts I’m going to be bringing back (if you’re nice to me and over-emphatically tell me how much you’ll miss me, then maybe I’ll bring something back for you). I’ve been working full-time at Albany Med, in addition to babysitting and doing office work on the side, since the day after I got home and today’s my last day! Burning my eyes out on a computer screen, putting children to bed, and filing charts on the weekend will all pay off when I can buy fun things in Korea.

Another thing making packing difficult is that I don’t have my mom with me while I do it. In my family, we call her “Reverse Hurricane Brenda” because she has this incredible ability to sweep through an area at light speed and leave it tidy and organized. When it comes to packing, she almost never forgets a single thing and accounts for all potential situations. It’s impressive, brilliant, and very much missed at this moment.

Compared to my mom, my packing skills are as inexistent as Lennay Kekua. But the one rule of packing is that everything is replaceable if you have your passport and wallet: that’s what I learned when I packed for Africa in 12 minutes (that’s not a joke, but I somehow managed to remember almost everything I needed so maybe I’m a better packer than I thought).

If I leave enough room in my suitcase I might be able to fit someone inside it and bring them with me, so let me know if you want to be my stow-away. If I can fit, you can too.


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